New Mexico Wildlife Federation has been making a difference in the lives of New Mexico sportsmen and women since it was formed almost a century ago. Here are some of the many efforts spearheaded or supported by NMWF:

Convinced the Legislature to take politics out of wildlife management by creating the first State Game Commission, a model that eventually was adopted by most states.

Helped reintroduce Rocky Mountain elk in New Mexico after the indigenous species, Merriam’s elk, were wiped out here by a combination of factors. NMWF also helped push for reintroduction of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and wild turkey, and helped ensure that native populations of pronghorn antelope were not wiped out.

Were instrumental in protecting the Valle Vidal from coal-bed methane development, ensuring that future generations of New Mexicans can enjoy its majesty forever.

Led sportsmen’s efforts to pass legislation in 2011 that increased New Mexico resident hunters’ share of big game draw licenses to 84 percent. As a result, resident hunters every get about 3,000 additional opportunities every year to hunt elk, antelope, deer and other big game.

Exposed a backroom land trade by former Land Commissioner Patrick Lyons that would have resulted in the loss of thousands of acres of prime elk habitat and hunting opportunity in the White Peak area. As a result of our work, the Attorney General’s Office sued to stop the exchange and the state Supreme Court ruled against Lyons.

Worked with sportsmen in Chaves Countyto protect public access to 43,000 acres of BLM land with high recreational value. Those efforts also led to additional protections in that county to safeguard access to other public lands in the future.

Monitored the State Game Commission and state Legislature to ensure that everyday sportsmen’s concerns are heard, even when decision-makers’ meetings are held at times when the average hunter or angler cannot attend.

These are just some of the highlights of our work in New Mexico. We are the largest, oldest and most effective sportsmen’s organization in our state, working on behalf of sportsmen like you to ensure we pass on our outdoor traditions to the next generation.