The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is seeking an independent qualified contractor (1099 position) to develop and direct the implementation of a campaign to achieve interagency, multi-jurisdictional public lands management planning that results in the long-term protection of wildlife migration and movement corridors in the Upper Rio Grande area.  The geographic focus of this program is within the Upper Rio Grande region of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

Project Summary:  This project would utilize the best tools available under the new presidential administration to protect landscape and aquatic connectivity that would benefit recreationalists and wildlife. An unprecedented opportunity exists to seek long-term protections through federal planning that would preserve opportunities for unfettered exploration and improve habitat connectivity. In particular, the National Wildlife Federation contractor will team up with grassroots organizers and policy experts of the New Mexico Wildlife Federation (NMWF), Colorado Wildlife Federation (CWF) and The Wilderness Society (TWS) to seek long-term protections of wild habitats incorporated into the management plans of three national forests (Rio Grande, Carson and Santa Fe) and the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. The fact that these federal agencies are undergoing simultaneous management plan revisions over the next four years presents a unique opportunity to showcase an “all lands” approach for managing landscape connectivity that would protect a treasured landscape in the Southern Rockies.

Primary responsibilities:

  • In collaboration with NWF, NMWF, CWF and TWS, develop and implement a focused advocacy campaign ensuring long-term landscape connectivity in the Upper Rio Grande region, as well as protection of specific places that are essential for wildlife, watersheds and recreationalists;
  • Serve as a primary spokesperson and organizer for the campaign;
  • Build grassroots support with multi-cultural sportsmen, businesses, landowners, tribes and other influential constituents; build grasstops support to influence decision-makers;
  • Represent NWF, NMWF, CWF and TWS at local, state and regional planning meetings and discussions to advocate for the long-term protection of wildlife corridors in the Upper Rio Grande area;
  • Coordinate with appropriate NWF, NMWF, CWF and TWS staff to seamlessly amplify and increase the impact of the campaign;
  • Meet with staff at federal land management and state wildlife agencies.

Coordination duties:

  • Regularly coordinate with organizational partners (NWF, NMWF, CWF and TWS) to assure a cohesive and efficient campaign;
  • Attend and/or convene meetings to discuss multi-jurisdictional management planning;
  • Develop and submit official comments on federal management planning as requested by and in collaboration with partner organizations.

Communications duties:

  • Coordinate the development of materials/collateral, including design and printing (may be done through partners or 3rd party contract);
  • Develop a social media strategy and campaign (with partners); post frequently on social media; strategize for and coordinate the purchase of social media boosts or ad buys;
  • Work with partner organizations to develop letters to the editor, Op-Eds and visits with Editorial Boards with multiple media outlets (e.g., Denver Post, ABQ Journal, Taos Valley News, local media outlets);
  • Develop and work with a 3rd party to produce a promotional video that may be used to build campaign support; build and implement a strategy to promote the video(s);

Organizing duties:

  • Make contacts with local communities, targeted sportsmen, businesses and other influential constituents to build a strong voice of support for the campaign;
  • Organize and implement targeted events to build support;
  • Strategically engage grassroots leaders and decision-makers to build support for the campaign.

Required skills:

  • Knowledge of federal land management and natural resource issues in the Colorado-New Mexico geographic area.
  • Proven skills in both written and verbal communication.
  • Experience in organizing citizens and/or building action around environmental or social issues.
  • Proven ability to manage a project independently from beginning to end.
  • Very good organization skills.

Preferred skills:

  • Knowledge of wildlife management issues in the Upper Rio Grande area.
  • Bi-lingual, English and Spanish.
  • Proven ability in public speaking.
  • Knowledge of the use of traditional and social media to build support for environmental or social issues.
  • Network of contacts in the Upper Rio Grande area.

Regular travel throughout the Upper Rio Grande area is required, along with multiple trips to Denver and Albuquerque.  Infrequent travel to Washington, DC may be needed.

Depending on experience, NWF is prepared to award a 12 month contract for between $35,000 and $40,000.

Interested contractors should submit a cover letter and resume to: Meaghan Olwell, National Wildlife Federation, 303 E. 17th Ave., Suite 15, Denver, CO 80203 or email