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Bernhardt a bad pick for New Mexico sportsmen

ALBUQUERQUE – The Trump Administration’s nomination of former energy lobbyist Dave Bernhardt to the Department of Interior’s No. 2 spot, Deputy Secretary, means bad news for New Mexico sportsmen and public land users.

Bernhardt is one of the nation’s top lobbyists for high-profile oil and gas and mining companies. His long-standing advocacy for these and other special interests and related financial self-interest bring a high-degree of conflict of interest with his new position, which is meant to safeguard America’s public lands.

The New Mexico Wildlife Federation stands strongly in its belief and understanding that protecting the nation’s clean air and water and public landscapes benefits wildlife habitat and wildlife corridors in New Mexico and across the nation. Putting someone in charge who has showed values and actions contrary to this belief is the wrong decision for New Mexico and the nation.  We question how he could serve the best interests of our nation’s diverse public lands users when his own welfare is so closely aligned with that of special interests.

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