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New Mexico Wildlife Federation Applauds Update to Stream Protection Rule

Fulfilling a campaign promise, today President Barack Obama introduced an updated Stream Protection Rule which will better protect the health of communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of coal mining. This rule lays out commonsense steps to ensure coal mines aren’t polluting streams and waterways.

While the New Mexico Wildlife Federation believes the proposed rule has areas that could be stronger, we are encouraged by the much-needed improvement to our nation’s mining this rule represents. In the West, coal seams near the surface are often found near aquifers that support domestic water uses and wildlife habitat. Groundwater and streams make life possible in our arid region by supporting people, plants, and animals. This new rule will be beneficial to our environment which will in turn benefit anglers and outdoor recreationists across New Mexico.

“This update is a long overdue step to ensure that mining regulations keep up with the best available science and new coal mining technology,” said Executive Director Garrett Vene Klasen. “The Stream Protection Rule will protect our nation’s streams and waterways without putting undue burden on the coal mining companies so there will be little to no job loss. This rule is a win for the environment and everyone who values clean water.”

The New Mexico Wildlife Federation applauds the Department of Interior for finishing this long process that will protect New Mexico’s anglers ability to hunt and fish in clean streams.