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New Mexico Wildlife Federation to Join Public in Submitting Comments in Support of BLM Methane Rule

Feb. 12, 2016
For immediate release

FARMINGTON – Last month, the Bureau of Land Management announced new methane regulations that will significantly reduce pollution, have a positive impact on taxpayers and protect wildlife. Members of the public are encouraged to submit comments about the new rule in Farmington on Tuesday, February 16th.

The New Mexico Wildlife Federation will submit comments in support of the BLM’s proposed rules as they are a great step in the right direction for the sportsmen and women of New Mexico. By taking action to reduce venting, flaring, and leaks from both current and future projects, BLM is setting an important precedent for strong action on all sources of oil and gas pollution and helping to create a level playing field for domestic energy development.

“Implementing a strong rule to reduce flaring will cut pollution and put more money back into local governments and taxpayers’ pockets,” said Conservation Director Todd Leahy. “The money given back to New Mexico with the implementation of a strong rule can go towards protecting wildlife in our state which will benefit our hunting and fishing traditions.”

The New Mexico Wildlife Federation encourages the public to attend the hearing in Farmington and submit comments in support of this important rule to protect our air and habitat.

Hearing Details:

  • Tuesday, February 16, 1 pm
  • San Juan College, Room 7103, 4601 College Blvd., Farmington, NM 87402