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My Public Lands Story: Cimarron Canyon State Park

Cimarron Canyon State Park is one of the largest camps in the state of New Mexico. It is composed of eleven sites altogether; Tolby Campground, Tolby Creek Trailhead, Horseshoe Mine Day Use Area, Perryville Day Use Area, Clear Creek Trailhead, Blackjack Tent Area, Palisades Picnic Area, Maverick Campground, Gravel Pit Lakes, Ponderosa Campground, and Maverick Trailhead. These are all along the Cimarron River; they are located about 3 miles east of Eagle Nest, and they extend about 8 miles between Tolby Creek and Ute Park.

My family and I really enjoy going to Mavericks Campground and Gravel Pit Lakes. Although it is far, my family and I go there every 4th of July . Near the 4th of July we camp or commute from my grandma’s house which is in Cimarron. My great-grandma, my grandparents, my aunts, my uncles and my cousins all come to the Maverick Campground. My entire family fishes in Gravel Pit Lakes, hikes up the mountain and participates in our annual scavenger hunt. My cousins and I also run around the park, have water balloon fights,and ride bikes. I think we can all agree that Cimarron Canyon State Park is one of the best Public Lands in New Mexico.

Every year for the last decade, we have been camping at this site. The  scavenger hunt has been going on for two years. We are required to take selfies with items around the park such as wildlife, tents, trails, etc. The scavenger hunt is the highlight of our camping trip. My most memorable  photograph is a selfie on the bridge with the lake in the background.

We also hike and ride bikes; we hike on the mountain across the road from Mavericks Campground, and we ride bikes on the pavement and trails in the park. My cousins and I pop popcorn and make s’mores by the fire, and everybody cooks and eats delicious meals made on the grill. Another thing we do is play tag and hide-and-go seek when it is dark.

I love going to Cimarron Canyon State Park. My favorite activities are the ones that allow us to explore the beautiful land. I hope the public lands always stay open so my family and I can visit them whenever we want. I love the Cimarron Canyon State Park; it’s my favorite place to visit. Whether it be an annual scavenger hunt, a day at the Gravel Pit Lakes, or my cousins and I making s’mores, we always have a great time at Cimarron Canyon State Park.

By Adrianna Casaus, 7th grade

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