The tradition of answering the call of duty in New Mexico runs deep. Over 170,000 veterans live in our state, making up nearly 10 percent of the population. Veterans and active military make up an important voice of our citizenry nationally, statewide, and locally. The New Mexico Wildlife Federation honors all of our active military and veterans whose sacrifice makes it possible for each of us to enjoy the beauty and healing powers of our public lands. In seeking to serve those who served, we recognize that our veterans did not just fight for our communities and families, but also for the protection of America’s public lands.

The Healing Power of Public Lands
Studies show that outdoor experiences improve the recovery time of veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. To that end, NMWF works with a wide variety of organizations throughout New Mexico to help our veterans and active military use our public lands as a place to recover from the stress of combat and military service. Through fishing, archery, hunting, hiking, camping, rafting, or just engaging in the solitude of these sacred areas, the New Mexico Wildlife Federation works to create space and opportunity for peace, healing, and wholeness. Recognizing that military service impacts families and communities, we also work with partners to plan outdoor events and activities to help our warriors reconnect with their family and friends after deployments.

The New Mexico Wildlife Federation hosts events with veterans and their families aimed at connecting them with public lands opportunities.